Creates an image using the excellent GD web graphics library. This command is in beta and suggestions are welcome:

* image commands are (so far):


(todo: circle, arc, etc.)

options are whitespace delimited. text options only apply to the %text command. most options set at the image level are inherited to drawing commands.

font:facename - set font
##pt - set font size to num points
##deg - set angle for rotation
##rad - set angle in radians
##x## - set size or corner to numX/numY
bg:colorspec - set background color/fill-mode
fg:colorspec - foreground color
fill:colorspec - set background color/fill-mode
thick:number - line thickness
dashed - dashed line
dotted - dotted line

colorspec is in #RRGGBB format, or it can be a named color (black, white, gray, red, green, blue).

* input file allows you to draw on an existing image. it can be a filename or binary image data. not tested yet

creation options:

##x## - set image size
png - set image output to png
gif - set image output to gif
jpeg - set image output to jpeg
gd2 - set image output to gd2

* output file can be just a filename (format set previously or interpreted from the extension), or :. if you filename has a colon in it, you can use the : output format, just to be safe. (single letters and slashes wont ever be image formats)


%create-image(%text(hello world),,file.gif)