Send mail using SMTP

SMTP is the main e-mail protocol for the Internet.

%smtp-mail() requires that you have access to an SMTP server.

    %server should be the hostname or IP address of the SMTP gateway.
    %acct should be your POP account information.
    %from should be the e-mail address of the message's sender.
    %to should be the semicolon-delimited list of the message's recipients.
    %subject should be the message's subject, and body its body.

Do not include any SMTP headers in either parameter -- they will be added automatically by %smtp-mail().


%smtp-mail(,root,,,"Hello!%crlf%I just want to say hi!")

For now, attachements are filenames, not file content. 

We may support some syntax that signified literal text inserted as an attachment, with a specified disposition, etc, if anyone asks for it.