Creates a simple macro called name which expands to string.
%set() defines the macro in the current dynamic scope, while %gset() defines
the macro in the document's global scope. Macros with dynamic scope are:
define, dir, enumtoken, gdefine, gmacro, macro, sql, and try.

Note that when name is expanded, string will not be recursively expanded.
%set() can be used in a one-parameter format to delete a macro; that is,
%defined(MacroName) will be %null% after %set(MacroName). %set(MacroName, %null%) is different; the macro is defined as %null%.

See the example below. Note how the first value for %name% is set to
"Basil%bop%" not "Basilfoobar" - because %bop% is evaluated before being passed to %set - and isn't ready yet.

Another way of looking at this is that %set is for creating 'variables' and %define is for creating 'functions'.




set: Basil%bop%
define: Basilfoobar