Provides access to the raw, undecoded query string appended to the URL,
%client-query%, or posted to the server, %client-body%.

%client-state% is defined as: %client-query%&%client-body%

- %client-query% will not contain information resulting from a POST method; use
%client-body% instead.


Document first.html accepts parameters, but does not fully process them. In order to pass them on to second.html, use %client-query% as follows within first.html. 
Pass parameters when user clicks on a link: 
a href="second.html?%client-query%"Stage two/a
Pass parameters from a parent frame to a child document: 
frameset cols="*"
   frame name=second src="second.html?%client-query%"
   frame name=third src="third.html"
Pass parameters when user presses a submit button in a form: 
   input type=submit method=post action="second.html?%client-query%"