SMX adds %perl module support
SMX adds sqlite support.

SMX News

2009-03-11 SMX release 1.4 port for BSD

Builds 354 and up have the necessary ports for freebsd and openbsd, not sure about mac yet

2009-03-03 SMX release 1.4 binary for Windows

2009-03-01 SMX moved to Google Code

Visit for info.

2009-02-27 SMX adds %perl support

%module( (or %module(extperl.dll)) now export the %perl() function which opens up the ability to 'use' all the modules on CPAN.... natively in your SMX code.

2009-02-25 SMX extension code

%module(...) now can load SMX extensions. These are easy to build in C, using the supplied "smxext.h" header file.

2006-02-27 SMX adds sqlite support

Try %sql(sqlite:filename) as your datasource. Easily integrate database apps without a server.

2006-02-27 SMX 1.2 Release

SMX 1.1.2 release includes rpm/srpms

2005-05-04 SMX Integrated with BerliOS

Using BerliOS to host CVS, bug tracking, etc.

2005-05-02 SMX added to Freshmeat

Added SMX to Freshmeat for release management.

2005-05-01 SMX Safe-mode implemented

Added the ability to enable safe-mode, similar to PHP's safe mode.

Macro is %safe-mode(T). Once it's set, it cannot be unset. It prevents a script from reading/writing to files in directory that isn't owned by the same owner as the directory the scripts is in. Also prevents use of %exec, %setenv and other potentially unsafe macros.